About Our Artists

'Gravity' by Pam Miller ($1,300) 'Sea Urchins' by Barbara McDonald ($275) 'Coral Garden' by Barbara McDonald ($340) 'Gymea Lillies Triptych' by Corrie Smit ($700) 'Ocean current 1' by Barbara McDonald ($230) 'Boy With Goose' by Florence Gruben (Grubanovich) ($650) 'Gymea Lillies Triptych' by Corrie Smit ($700) 'Gymea Lillies Triptych' by Corrie Smit ($700)
It's all about the paintings - the style, the colour, the composition. This select group of Noosa artists live and breathe art but their real passion is painting.

Each with individual styles and ideas, they regularly exhibit in Queensland, Australia and internationally.

Their work is well recognised and highly regarded within the well-established Noosa art scene.

This group of artists regularly meet and explore ideas and discuss their work. They believe that their work will be challenged and improved by continued interaction with other talented artists.

Artworks Noosa can arrange for commissioned artworks to be done by some of the artists.

We do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges. The customer takes full responsibility for the choices and agrees to take the artwork which the artist produces whether or not a painting is commissioned.