We live and paint in Noosa

'Heliconia I + II' by Corrie Smit ($1,100) 'Daisies, Agapanthus and Lemons' by Corrie Smit ($650) 'Cruising the Shallows' by Barbara McDonald ($350) 'Copper Pots and Pumpkins' by Corrie Smit ($700) 'City Reflection' by Barbara McDonald ($300) 'Shells at High Tide' by Barbara McDonald ($230) 'Northern Beach at 1770 II' by Cathie Martin ($750) 'Blue and Gold' by Corrie Smit ($800)
Noosa is renowned for its beaches, Hastings Street, wonderful weather.......and its abundance of talented artists who have congregated here from other parts of Queensland and the southern states of Australia.

Artworks Noosa is a virtual online gallery with an extensive selection of paintings and it presents quality, contemporary artworks from 3 established Noosa artists.

Our artists have been chosen for their individual styles and vast range of subject matter......abstracts, landscapes, figurative works and still lifes. These art works reflect our values and our joy for living..."How lucky are we to live in this most beautiful area of Australia and to paint our visions and to live out our dreams."

Artworks Noosa recommends clicking on the artists link on this page to view our artists and their artworks.

Whether you want to buy a painting for your home, office or boardroom you will be sure to find it here. Prices range from a very affordable $150 to $2,000.