Claude Luguel

Claude Luguel

French-born artist, Claude Luguel, currently resides in Noosa, Australia.

Having completed studies in Fine Arts in Toulouse some years ago, he continued in graphic reproduction, living and working for 10 years in Paris before spending 11 years in the South Pacific, notably Noumea, New Caledonia as cartoonist for the French newspaper, "La France Australe". He has found much inspiration through travel in India, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, France, Spain, Uzbekistan and Australia, providing some of the themes you may notice in his work.

His experimentation with various textures and pigments offers a depth and individuality seldom seen in canvas works. With artworks displayed in galleries in Melbourne and abroad, it is not hard to get a glimpse of his unique style, variety of subject, and quality of consistently eye-pleasing compositions.

Claude has participated in various art exhibitions, and has had several solo art exhibitions, his latest in Melbourne in February 2016.

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