Di Barlow

Di Barlow

I believe colour can express a person's personality and love of life.

My name is Dianne Barlow and for the past eight years I studied under the guidance of my art teacher Pam Miller (DIPART.EDU, M.LITTS.VAAD, M.EDU), an accomplished artist in her own right.

If I were to be asked, I would describe my art as "COLOUR & ABSTRACTION". Unlike a lot of artists who set out to paint a specific image with a finished vision in mind, I simply let it flow and it takes me where it takes me. My paintings evolve with layer upon layer of washes, fluid paint and inks. Often the finished product is quite different from what I might have imagined it would look like when I began the piece.

These artworks take huge amounts of thought as each layer must be examined and dealt with in its own right. If a layer doesn't work, often the painting must be reworked completely.

Art is more than just a hobby to me. It is a passion and I find it most rewarding when I complete a piece.

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