Pam Miller

Pam Miller

Dip.Art Ed.
M.Litt (VAAD)

I have always loved art.
Visual arts was an important part of my primary and high school years and I won a scholarship to The National Art School, Sydney. This was followed by a Master of Visual Arts and Design and then a Master of Education.

I have alternated between painting, drawing, ceramics and printmaking. loved them all passionately at some time. Still do, but painting is my main priority just now.

It is the process of painting that excites me. I love every part of the process, - from the first brushstrokes to the finishing lines on the painting. The painting is never finished until i am happy with the outcome. The next painting is equally exciting, they all have a life of their own. I regard the subject matter as irrelevant, but I will work with themes for several paintings.

I am very fortunate to be able to devote my time now to my artwork.

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